A famous actor shared that they so became their characters as to embody them. Consequently, a ritual of disengagement was required when the role was complete.

Closing the door of their dressing room they sat before the mirror. Calling the character by name they said, I'm going to leave you now and you are going to be OK. They would then allow space for the character to respond. Often a dialog would ensue, perhaps lengthy. On other occasions a simple nod was all that was required. When the actor received the assurance the character was "good with this", they were able to walk away.

I find this profound. I, we, have so many embodiments in a single lifetime. Not mere stories, buy embodiments, characters we become. Characters that may clamor for attention years after that particular embodiment has fulfilled its purpose in our life.

There comes a times in every life to acknowledge the characters we have taken on, embodied. Allowing them to surface, we reverently, and lovingly bow, and kiss them good-bye.


Transformation Begins as we relax our resistance, open and welcome spaciousness within.

Transformation inspires flexibility, willingness.

Transformation suggests a renewed perspective, an alternate image of who we are or who we came here to Be.

Transformation is Now. This Moment.