Life is a balance.

Creating balance in our lives can be challenging. Food, physical activity, work, relationships, and spirit. These are the five key areas in our lives that call constantly for our energy and attention.  Symptoms appear when we are out of balance: frustration, exhaustion, anger, chronic illness, headaches, impatience, weight loss or gain, to name a few.

Whether you are a care-giver, a student, a teacher, young, old, in transition or finding your stride, these five components are undergoing constant flux. The key is to recognize when and how we move out of balance and take steps to regain that natural balance or alignment in life.

Each individual person, each life experience and purpose is unique. From our individual physiological needs, to life stages, to spiritual grounding, career and inter actions with others, each poses unique challenges and may require unique support.

Intuitive Life Coaching begins by honoring the individual.

Together we make inquiries based on the five areas or elements of life balance: food, physical activity, life work or career, relationships, and spirit. From this basis, we work together to create and implement practical steps to support you in bringing your life Back 2 Balance.